We began our fellowship together this morning by singing the following words: “Come, Holy Spirit, and set me on fire, burn up the dross in my life…….”  The challenge comes to each of us: What is the dross in my life preventing me from walking in all the fullness of God, my birthright in Christ Jesus?

Consider this:  What is the difference between ignorance and presumption?  On my spiritual journey with the Lord, ignorance is a lack of light, or spiritual understanding, that He does not hold me accountable for to Him.  On the other hand, presumption is where I have had light, understanding, but I have knowingly, or flippantly, chosen not to walk in it.

God is not a respecter of persons.  With greater light comes greater responsibility.  If after years of walking with the Lord, it would be an insult to Him to adopt the attitude, “Oh well, it doesn’t matter”.  The ground of the finished work of the Cross is holy ground.  Do I presumptiously trample rough shod over it?

In the Old Testament we often read of the severity of the Law of Moses operating drastically on disobedience to the ten commandments.  Numbers 15 declares the difference between the sins of ignorance and sins of presumption.  It also records how one man presumptiously chose to ignore the Sabbath law and gathered sticks on the Sabbath Day.  For his disobedience he was stoned to death!  The Old Testament always has something to teach us, but thank God for the New Testament and Calvary.

Thank God for sending His Son to enable us to live this Christian life.  Romans 8:2 “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death”  Romans 8 describes how we can walk in the freedom of the law of the Spirit of life in Christ.

There is a principle that is still operative in the New Testament.  At Pentecost, recorded in the book of Acts 2, there was great light and great power.  However, with greater light comes greater responsibility.  The account of the hypocrisy of Ananias and Sapphira, (Acts 5), was severely dealt with.  If they had walked in truth and been open with the fact that they had kept back part of the price for themselves, they would not have been walking in deception.  Their problem was they presumptiously identified with others who had given their all, and pretended that they had done likewise.  Thank God He is not operating in that measure today with us, as many of us would fall short.  Nevertheless, God is not mocked, and holds us accountable to Him.

I can deceive myself in believing I am longing for more of Jesus in my life, singing my heart out in worship, and yet, the truth can be that when He presents His challenges for change in me, I refuse to choose them, thus refusing to walk in the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.  My choice leaves me remaining in the law of sin and death!  Walking in the Spirit means I must refuse to judge my fellow men, refuse to complain about my circumstances that God, in His wisdom, permits to change my attitude to Him.  I must refuse to fall out with people, and make quick amends when I fall short.  I must refuse those hard feelings towards people that would creep in and rob me of my joy in the Lord.  It is a new way of living that Christ Jesus paid the price for me on Calvary, to live my life for God’s glory.  The fullness of God is the birthright of every Believer.  Many are called, few are chosen, because our wrong choices keep us in the law of sin and death.  We shall not lose our salvation, but we shall never fulfil our divine destiny to walk in all God’s fulness if I refuse the challenges of the Holy Spirit.

If I have received a greater light along these lines, how dare I judge someone whom I believe does not come up to the standards of Jesus Christ?  Only God knows how much light a person has received, and what their motives are for doing something.  That is God’s business, not mine.  In the book of Job, we read how Job was entrenched in the thoughts of his own self righteousness.  Through his sufferings he came to see himself in God’s light.  God’s words still thunder and echo down the ages of eternity, and to challenge each of us: “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”  (Job 38:2)  God revealed Himself as the Creator of excellence.  In His divine grace and mercy, God vindicated Job and restored his life and fortunes.

Maybe we should remember God’s words to Job when we are tempted to judge others from our limited view: “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”  So many today are driving chariots of their own desires and ministries.  God has ways and means of taking the wheels off their chariots!  What about me?  What chariot am I driving?  Psalm 127:1 “Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain”

Test what we have shared in all its entirety – the difference between ignorance, that which I have not had light for as yet, so the Lord does not hold me accountable, and presumption, where I have received light but have chosen not to walk in it, and God will hold me accountable!

Jesus said:“…….walk while you have the light, lest darkness come upon you, for he that walks in darkness does not know where he is going”  John 12:35

John 12:46  Jesus said  “I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believes in Me should not walk in darkness”

Photo by Andy Watkins on Unsplash