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God is in the ordinary.  Of all the “How to…” books, this one about “How to be Ordinary” must be at the bottom of the pile!  How to win, How to Prosper, How to be Holy, How to be Victorious, How to Overcome, How to have a Revelation…!

This is like writing a book on How to be Bankrupt!  Who wants to be bankrupt?!

Is this why I’ve missed it?  I’ve passed by.  I’ve been set for learning, not unlearning.  I’ve been set for being somebody.  I don’t want to be nobody.  Does the truth, “I am ordinary”, pave the way into the extraordinary?

Is this what Jesus meant when He said, “I have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them yet…?”  (John 16:12)  Have I embraced the truth that I am ordinary?

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  1. Cheryl

    I love this book. It’s teachings are excellent. I’m learning more more about listening to the Fanatic in the Attic!

  2. ALLen mcdaniel

    As always … and even now… Arthur proves to be such a blessing. READ THIS BOOK!

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