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Many from around the world have visited his home, Bron Wendon, in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, and many have   to the annual “Living Waters” conventions.  Many know  the story, “A house for the glory of God.”

Arthur and Marjorie Burt were married for 65 years and had  nine children and more than 50 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  As a family man, a preacher, teacher and storyteller, he’s been known in the churches around the world as “Uncle Arthur.”

He came to Wales from Paddock Wood in Kent, England, where he was a pastor.  One day in Paddock Wood the Lord spoke one Word to Arthur: “Go.” He gave up his work in Kent and has taken a very specific message to some 44 nations for  than 50 years.  He said it was out of painful obedience that he entered into

delight and purpose, to help prepare a people to handle the glory of God… to His glory.  He said, “now that day is at hand….”

He’s often said, “Big doors swing on little hinges.”  Arthur Burt’s life changed when he answered the call of God to “Go.”  Consequently, many lives all over

the world were changed and refocused as he freely poured out the Word the had given him.

His stories, teaching and proclamations echo deep ponderings over the Word.  While he searched out the mysteries of the Kingdom, his life became an adventure exploring the ways of God in many nations. With spontaneity, humour and serious outcries, Arthur , “Prepare!

We’re in the last of the last days!  Humble yourself!  He’s calling for a people who can handle the Presence of God to the Glory of God!  Jesus did everything with nothing.

(John 5:30)  We are ushering in the dawn of a new day.  The  time is at hand-the dispensation of the fullness of times, where there shall be no ebb….”


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  1. Jon Molinatto

    I highly recommend this book. I enjoy the message that Brother Arthur conveys in all of his books. To GOD be the GLORY!!! I long to see the day that the prophecy is fulfilled or filled full.

    I met Brother Arthur in Durham NC at Christian Assembly Church. I remember one message about the refining of gold and how all impurities had to be burned away to create the pure shiny result.
    I also remember him going around and getting the attention of some of the folks by giving them a slight “knock” on the noggin with his cane. It struck me as strange that when he came near me, he put his hand on my shoulder without a knock. I was expecting the knock but it never came. He may have sensed the upcoming pain in my life. The absence of a “knock” made a greater impression to gain my attention and memory.
    May God bless Brother Arthur and all his family.

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