Our theme continued today with the “Amen” to God. We are reminded that the peace of God in our lives has purpose, God’s purpose. Someone recently quoted: “God’s peace is not the absence of conflict in our lives, but the ability to deal with it.” Selah…. If we humble ourselves to the truth, our hearts become peace ruled….for HE is our peace, “the peace that passes all understanding.” Being peace controlled is a learning process for all of us.

When I lose His peace in life’s situations, my first responsibility is to take the blame for forfeiting it. I cannot blame others for losing God’s peace in my being. Repentance is the first step for not having valued it. I recognise that I have an unruly heart that is fertile ground for either God or the devil. I can either believe God and His word of truth, or I can believe the lies of the devil and lose God’s peace. God sees. God sees the inner man of the heart which has an outward expression in my daily life.

The incorruptible seed of God within me is born in glory, but it grows in gloom – in the dark circumstances of my life, where I learn to say “Amen”to God…..True and righteous are ALL your ways, Lord!

The many voices of the world and the devil clamour for attention and vainglory, but God’s voice, the still, small voice, the whispers of Jesus – is the only voice that counts.

When I ignore the whisper of Jesus, the resulting chaos of circumstance can have a very loud voice!

Saying “Amen” to God is like a spiritual muscle – the more I exercise it, the sweeter and easier life becomes.

I need to “get in the closet with God.” God leaves the situations in my life to test me with the truth I put on my lips and declare in a Gathering. Amen to God, is the answer.

Let us remind ourselves once more: God permits in his wisdom what He could prevent in His power.

The trial of our faith is a PRECIOUS THING in God’s eyes.

Calvary is far greater than we have ever appreciated. Jesus took all our guilt, failure, shame and sin and redeemed it all through His precious blood. Through Calvary we are much freer than we can ever think or imagine. I need to change my believing to enter into a fuller measure of that blood-bought liberty, which relates to all life issues and challenges in relationships, health, finance – every area of my life. My confidence is not in me but in the Christ in me. God loves me more than I know but we all have issues that relate to Amen Land.

Locked up in the Christ in me is the full potential of Jesus Christ – the Kingdom of Heaven. “Amen to God” has within it power as yet unknown, untapped, unreleased. Amen opens and releases a measure of the Kingdom of Heaven in my life. God will only unlock it for His glory.

Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 1:8-10, “For we would not have you ignorant,brethren, of our trouble that came to us……that we were PRESSED OUT OF MEASURE, above strength, that we despaired even of life.

But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God Who raises the dead.

……..in Whom we trust that He will deliver us.”

Verse 8 speaks of “being pressed out of measure.” God is pressing us out of measure to bring us into His fullness. “Amen” is a light that shines in a dark place, a “treasure of darkness.” God is waiting for us to unlock the power in the Amen.

When the life of Christ comes through in me, it is solid and immovable. All the answers to life are locked up in the incorruptible seed within me. One of Jesus’names is the Amen.

We have to engage with God and learn our lessons where He has us.

We can bloom where we are planted, we can be “scent” where we are! (Scent is an old-fashioned name for perfume.)

We cannot run from God, He is our glorious hope! It is in the darkness that the stars shine. The darker it is, the brighter they shine! “The heavens declare the glory of God.” So it can be in my darkest hour – my life can declare the glory of God when I humble into Amen Land.

All the while God gives me breath I have opportunity to change. Consider this:

Don’t ask God to change your circumstances,
He permitted them to change you!

Amen Lord! You know just what I need! When I judge others I am not living in the forgiveness of God. Remember, the power of the unknown is locked up within us, life bristles with opportunities for me to allow God to release it, – “line upon line, precept upon precept,” daily learning and walking with Jesus, listening for his whispers.

The children of Israel saw the greatest miracles when they exodused Egypt and journeyed in the wilderness, but the majority of them never entered the Promised Land, because of UNBELIEF.

The failures in my life are a result of my heart being out of order, when I choose to believe a lie, enter into unbelief and make decisions from that standpoint.

My unruly heart may be crying out for miracles in my life, but please God, may my greatest prayer be, “Lord, make me real,keep me true to You…..and let me ever remember to be thankful in all things, instead of murmuring like the Children of Israel who disregarded God’s faithfulness to them.”



If we knew for sure, if we knew for sure that the Lord is “at the door”, risen up and girt Himself, prepared to come down and to activate His purposes – if we knew that the time has come for His purpose to be fulfilled in all the earth – would not our hearts sing for joy despite the suffering? Would we not be so quietened, so quietened by the Spirit of God, that which all our lives, that which so many saints have longed for but not seen? If we knew what we are about to see – we would rejoice!

So it may be……..He is at the door. He has risen up and girt Himself. So let us look up, for our salvation draweth nigh!