Mount Snowdon is the highest mountain in North Wales, U.K.  It attracts many climbers throughout all seasons hoping to enjoy the challenge of the ascent to the summit, where glorious views of the iconic mountain range can be enjoyed on a fine day.  After re-locating to North Wales for some time, a friend decided to make arrangements to climb Snowdon on a particular day.  He, and a friend, arrived at the foot of the approach and were dismayed at the weather.  A sky of grey, foreboding clouds and mist gave way to a heavy downpour of rain.  The joyful anticipation of the arranged climb was replaced by frustration and disappointment.  The man complained to the Lord, judging His arrangement of the weather.  In retrospect, the man knew his heart attitude to the Lord was completely out of order.  He blamed God for allowing the inclement weather to ruin his plans.

How many of us “lose the plot” in adverse situations when our plans are disrupted?  Instead of running into God, we murmur and complain.  Our wrong attitude removes the Lord Jesus from the throne of our hearts where He was reigning.  We have forfeited His peace and now find the consequences of our choice have driven us into a wilderness of negative feelings.  God have mercy!  No matter how heartily one may sing, “Run to the Father, fall into grace” in a praise session, unless I actually do it in the school of life, in reality, my words are meaningless.  Only when I actually do it, choose it, in adversity, do I prove God in my life and make that truth mine.  Anyone can talk the talk, but only walking the walk is reality.

And Joshua said to the children of Israel, ‘How long are you slack to go to possess the land which the Lord God of your fathers has given you?’ “  Joshua 18:3  This scripture should challenge us.  How long are we slack to learn to walk in our birthright in Jesus Christ?  There is a quiet strength and restful confidence available to us to face every problem of the day.

Isaiah 30:15 declares: “………in quietness and confidence shall be your strength; and ye would not”.  So many of us faced with choices on a daily basis “would not”.  How stubborn we can be………….and pay the price for our wrong heart attitude.  Choice is so important in our walk with the Lord.  “…..choose you this day whom you will serve”, Joshua 24: 15.

Let us return to our friend sitting in his car in the rain at the foot of Mount Snowdon.  The Lord reprimanded him for his complaining heart and instructed him to begin the ascent.  He repented of his bad attitude and his spirit began to lift.  As he and his friend progressed, the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun shone gloriously on God’s awesome creation. They marvelled at the breath taking, panoramic beauty of all they surveyed at the summit.   God’s mercy re-wrote his day!……and he learnt a very important lesson.

1 Thessalonians 5:18  “IN everything give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus”.  It is all about our heart attitude.  A thankful heart keeps us on track in our daily walk with the Lord.  We can be thankful He is with us in every adversity and He makes a way, His way, where there is no way.  With the right heart attitude, the hallmarks of the joy and peace of His presence make our day brighter and our hearts sing to His glory.

Photo by Tim Tiedemann on Unsplash