Hudson Taylor, the man greatly used of God to establish the ‘China Inland Mission’ in the last century was quoted as saying “God’s work, done in God’s way, will receive God’s supply”!!

Let us examine the truth of this statement in our own lives. So often we consent to what God’s will is for our lives but misunderstand the way in which He works to produce it.

2 Kings: 5 Records the account of Naaman, a captain of the host of King of Syria. A mighty man of valor and a great and honorable man with his master. Unfortunately he was a leper and as the story unfolds, Elisha the prophet sends a message instructing him to go and wash in the river Jordon seven times and his flesh would be cleansed. God’s work done God’s way! But Naaman, leaning to his own understanding, reasoned there was a better way and in his pride rejected God’s way,proclaiming that the rivers of Damascus: Abana and Pharper were better than those of Israel. Only when his servants came back and challenged him:  “If the prophet had bid thee do some great thing wouldst thou not have done it”? He humbled himself to God’s way and received God’s supply. He washed and became healed.

Humility is the key to receiving the supply of grace which Gods says is sufficient for my life. So often, in my pride, I reason against ‘the ways’ of God, and find that He resists me, 1 Peter 5: 5-6, “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”.

John 1: 14-17 declares that grace and truth came by our Lord Jesus Christ. I cannot expect the supply of grace for the ‘work of God’ in my life unless I humble myself to ‘the way’ in which it comes. Humbling myself to the truth that the Holy Spirit brings will always bring God’s supply.

Let us remind ourselves at this Christmas season, how Jesus Christ chose to humble Himself to His Father’s will and ‘way.’ He left the glories of heaven, stepped across the stars, to be born in a humble inn in an animal’s stall to begin His earthly journey to redeem mankind on a cross at Calvary. His teachings and life demonstrated humility, we are without excuse! He paved the way and made a way for us with His shed blood. We are left with only one thing to do – choose to humble!


A joyous Christmas to all our friends and family in the Body of Christ around the globe. May you know the peace of God in your hearts and homes as we celebrate, once more, the miracle of Emmanuel!