That which is birthed of God will not die but live to fulfil God’s purposes. If I consult the Lord in all my decisions whether it be travel, job, marriage, further education, new projects etc…..whatever – if I get the witness of the Spirit to it, then I settle the matter that it is purpose for me and not permission. The story in Genesis of Abraham’s two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, clearly relates the difference between purpose, Isaac – God’s plan, and Ishmael – Abraham and Sarah’s “good idea” to try and fulfil God’s promise to them. The will of God fulfils itself.

God can do without my wisdom but He does not need my ignorance!

I must settle matters at the beginning – Is this God’s will for me? Once settled I stand in His gift of faith. God will try me, stretch me and cause me to grow as I trust Him to fulfil His word. Birth settles destiny.

Trials will come, I must push into God and remind myself of the well known quote:

“The will of God will never lead me where the grace of God cannot keep me.” I need to learn the difference between the trial of my faith and being out of the will of God. God’s peace amidst the testing in the trial is an indicator of His will and purpose for me as I submit to His mighty hand, whereas when I am out of His will there is the absence of the peace and joy of His presence and strife reigns.