hIn the natural scheme of things, a wise and successful business man will order his affairs and delegate to trusted employees, stewards or family members as he gets older, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and is set in place for the continuance and succession of the business after his death.

As in the natural, so in the spiritual……In the Body of Christ there is often a lack of the “Fathers in the Faith,” godly men who disciple a younger generation, sharing the truths and revelation God has imparted to them. A wise Father in the Faith will teach and delegate during his lifetime, in order that others in the Body of Christ will continue to build and grow on the firm foundation God has imparted through him.

To many around the world, Arthur was a spiritual father, called of God in the discipling of many spiritual sons and daughters. The ministry God gave him was one of preparation, how to handle God’s gifts to us for His purpose and glory, and how to live our lives in every detail to the glory of God. Our legacy from the revelation God gave him is a priceless treasure, life changing and vibrant with “Christ in me, the hope of glory,”…..God’s glory and the joy of abundant life in the here and now, amidst the bustle and rough and tumble of everyday life. The Indwelling Christ, our wonderful, lovely Jesus is our eternal source of the true joy of life, independent of any circumstance that may befall us.

So, our lives continue….The eyes of our Heavenly Father continually run to and fro throughout the earth to see whose heart and ears are inclined to Him. Jesus said, “He that has ears to hear, let him hear,” Matthew 11:15. A brother wrote to us recently and shared his thoughts: He felt that in the Body of Christ many had had their ears “tickled” by the NO EBB PROPHECY and there was an excitement in their expectancy for fulfillment. However, with some, (not all), they were expecting to jump from salvation straight into Tabernacle fullness, without embracing the teaching on preparation to handle and walk in it…..this was the ministry the Lord gave to Arthur which he shared with the Body of Christ in his global travels. (NOTE.The book, “Surrender, the Key to Spiritual Success,” can be read electronically on this site, or you can order a printed copy with just a mailing charge, see SHOP.) The message of preparation is timeless and always current.

A weight-lifter does not suddenly get up one morning and lift 100 lbs. He trains his muscles to increase in strength by starting with 5 lbs and gradually increases the weight as his muscle strength is built up over the months of training, and he is able to bear the larger weights.

Preparation in kingdom principles teaches us to bear to the glory of God.

In a new dispensation, new wine cannot be put into old bottles, (Matthew 9:17.) Consider photography and the progress that has been made in that field in recent years. There was a time when “Dark Rooms” were necessary for developing photographs but now, with the progress of developing Digital Cameras, “Dark Rooms” are considered by most as archaic. The process works, but there is a better way.

If God is bringing something new in these Last Days, the old ways will not fit. The very word that brought me in can keep me out of the next stage. I can hang on to a proceeding word that God gave me which was right for a season, but if God wants to move me on He will give me another word to progress forward, and I have to let go of the last word in direction He gave me, to make room for the new. In this dispensation God has something that supersedes everything we have ever known. Decades ago digital photography was unknown, but there is a new way now in photography. The challenge is that I can be doing all the things that seem right in my eyes, but can miss God because He has something new to be built on the firm foundation of the past.

The Day of Fullness is the birthright of every Believer. Learning to live in God’s presence in humility, seeing God in every situation in heart purity and not eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve experienced walking with God every day in the Garden of Eden in His presence before they disobeyed. Disobedience causes God to resist me, He promised never to leave me and God keeps all His promises. My responsibility is to walk in His ways and live my life to His glory, this is the highest calling. We are not all called to be Moses or Elijahs, but we all have a high calling from our Heavenly Father to live our lives to the glory of God. This is the highest call for every Believer. Our spirits crave the intimacy of His presence. When our lives have been touched by His hand, His love has ruined us for anything less than drawing closer and closer into the fathomless depths and delight of His presence. This is the heart of God for us,learning to live in His presence.


Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean to your own understanding.
In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.

Incline your ear to the Lord, today, and you will hear again the tenderness of His calling you to walk with Him in the ancient paths towards the New Day.