Last week we finished with a challenge from the Lord – “Where do I lack?”

My security in God’s love for me is beyond question and was demonstrated and sealed at Calvary, “once and for all”, (Hebrews 10:10). This single act removes all doubt along that line – but in God’s dealings with me the most important thing is the protection of His glory. If my life lacks humility, it will be demonstrated by my pride resulting in my judgement of others – and God is after that! No amount of prayer for grace and mercy to dissolve and change the trials of the circumstances in my life will be answered if God has pointed to a situation in my life that He requires me to humble before Him. “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God”, 1 Peter 5:6. Humbling is not an option, God requires it.

When I humble, my heart is united with God’s heart. My action delights Him and He releases joy and deliverance to my sick heart of stubbornness.


God is continually dealing with the heart of man and its dysfunction. There is a simplicity in God that we can gloss over. We can make things so complicated. The word of God declares “with the heart man believes” and there is “joy and peace in believing”. Therefore If I have lost my joy and peace, my heart is sick , and somewhere I need to humble myself before God and change my believing. The same fertile ground in my heart can be used by either God or the devil. It is my responsibility what I allow to grow there.

When my heart humbles, it is acceptable to God. But when my heart rises up in pride, God resists me for His word declares, “God resists the proud”, James 4:6. Everything in my life comes through the filter of my heart. I either bow to God (humility), or I rise up in pride and resist. The Holy Spirit of God will point to the situation where I am in arrears with God, showing me my lack, where I need to humble.

Will I respond to the voice of God?…or will I let it go by and suffer the consequences resulting in my heart becoming sick, clouding my outlook on all things, and walking through life with a spiritual limp.

If the mighty Son of God had to humble Himself and come to this earth to demonstrate humility to mankind, why should I think that this costly, divine demonstration can be ignored in my life? Just like my Saviour, all my humbling must be done down here in my earthly life.

Listen to the whispers of Jesus……