Very often the Lord will use a natural situation to teach us a spiritual truth.  Whilst driving down a country road, a brother encountered a herd of sheep following a man walking in the road, presumably their shepherd.  The brother could see the road ahead dividing into two at a junction.  Noting that the shepherd had no dog accompanying him to help herd the sheep, the brother anticipated the sheep may shoot off in the wrong direction at the road junction ahead, so shouting to the shepherd, asked if he needed his help.  The shepherd explained there was no need for help or concern, replying, “They know their way home”.

The Lord emphasised the shepherd’s words: They know their way home to the brother.  For the remainder of the day he pondered on the lesson the Lord had shown him.  Scripture often refers to us as sheep.  We can take a wrong path and lose the way when we don’t follow our divine Shepherd, Jesus.  The Word of God declares that, indeed, Jesus is the Way, (John 14:6).  When the Lord shows us we have taken a wrong path, reacted and said the wrong thing, made a wrong choice etc.  the Holy Spirit convicts us.  If we are wise, we will keep short accounts with God, humble and repent because we know that this is “the way home”.  Forgiveness, restoration and God’s peace are readily available here, all in Jesus.

Sheep have an instinct to follow, it is part of their make-up.  Let us be diligent in who we follow.  When we follow the Shepherd, Jesus Christ, our lives will stay on track.  The record of Jesus earthly walk and His teachings and commandments, are clearly laid out in the gospels and other epistles of the New Testament.  If we have read and understood them, our responsibility is to live them.  Jesus clearly demonstrated the Way we should live our lives.  When we were born again, His divine nature was imparted to us to enable us to live this Christian life.  Only as I allow Him pre-eminence in my life will this happen.  He must increase, I must decrease.  As I lay my will down, His life comes forth through me in strength and ability to fulfil the Father’s will and purpose.  Only in surrender to the Lord and dying to self, will the life of Jesus flow, and operate, through me.

Jesus is the way home.  Do you know the Way home?

Proverbs 23:23 instructs:  “Buy the truth and sell it not, also wisdom, instruction and understanding”.  How do I buy truth?  How do I sell truth?

Let us remind ourselves again of Jesus’ declaration in John 14:6,  “I am the Way , the Truth and the Life“.  Truth is a person.  The Lord Jesus demonstrated and taught us how to live.  If we are born again and the Holy Spirit has revealed to us how to live our lives, a refusal to walk in those truths revealed is a way we “sell truth”.  When we stubbornly refuse revealed truth we are in a dangerous place.  Pride comes before a fall.  No matter how wrong another person is, I am responsible for one walk only before God, mine.  Does my life measure up to our Pattern Man?…..Jesus Christ.  Humbling is the price tag to buy truth.  Refusing to humble prevents the life of Jesus operating through me.  This is how I sell truth.  Refusing to walk in the light Christ has revealed to me is a costly experience and results in stagnation.  Stagnation produces a foul smell!!

How can the life of Jesus operate in me fully when I am walking in ways contrary to His Word.  James 3:11 poses the question : How can a fountain produce sweet water and bitter from the same source?

I sell the truth when I use my tongue as a sword to cut and wound my fellow men.  Jesus said to Peter who sliced off the high priest’s servant’s ear, “Put away your sword.  All those who take the sword shall perish by it”.  A warning!

Certain scriptures we love, others do not suit our flesh life.  We cannot pick and choose which truths to walk in, or dilute even!  God wants His best for me.  When I sell the truth, I also sell myself short of His blessing.

The only way I can receive truth is in humility.  When I refuse to walk in it, I sell it in pride and justification.  I use it as a measuring stick to judge others by, instead of applying it to my life, and fall into the trap and fall.  “Wherefore let him who thinks he stands, take heed lest he fall”.  1 Corinthians 10:12

God clearly instructs us from His Word how to live this Christian life.  Of ourselves, by determination, we can never fulfil that.  But hallelujah!  God made a way, and sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to redeem us and enable us, by the power of His resurrection life to, in and through us, to live this life to the glory of the Father.   Salvation through Jesus Christ was the Door we were brought in through.  Surrender of ourselves to Him on daily issues and relationships is the walk in humility which enables the Lord Jesus access to my life, to live His life through me.  There is no other way.  He is the Way to enable me to walk in my birthright, the fullness of God.

Who are you following?    What path are you on?  Whom are you serving?  The Lord or yourself? Have you become a lost sheep in direction?  If you know your way home, humble yourself and return to God’s best for you.   If you don’t know the way, humble yourself and ask the ever faithful, loving Shepherd, to help you to return.  He will place you upon His strong shoulders and carry you until you are strong enough to walk beside Him, to learn from Him and follow closely.

Truth is not a doctrine.  Truth is a person, our Lord Jesus Christ. To each of us He is the way home!