Psalm 78 records the history of disobedience in the children of Israel and the consequences of wrong choices. We can learn from their mistakes but human nature is such that we usually learn from our own mistakes and experiences.

Verse 34 says of God, “When He slew them, then they sought Him! and they returned and enquired early after God.”

Verse 38, “…but God being full of compassion forgave their iniquity…..” again and again.

Verse 41, “They turned back …….. and limited the Holy One of Israel.” The children of Israel turned back in unbelief and limited the Holy One of Israel, God. How can I limit God, the Unlimited One? By my choices. We are all on a journey, in a process. None of us are “the finished article” as yet. The word “process” covers the work from the beginning to the end. The work is not done overnight. My whole lifestyle is governed by the choices I make, not a “once and for all” choice, but ongoing challenges as God comes again and again. What I am today is the product of my past choices. God has done the very best from His side, in line with my choice. Praise God!…..I have not reached the end of my journey, therefore I still have opportunity to make right choices in line with God’s purposes for my life.

God hems me in with circumstances according to the condition of my heart. If my heart is hard, my circumstances will be more difficult. If my heart is soft, God only has to apply slight pressure of circumstance. Sometimes when the pressure is off it is easier to go astray, so the Lord has to use His “process” to keep me returning and on track, to bring my heart close to Him so I am soft and pliable.

Jeremiah 50:6 “My people have been lost sheep………..they have forgotten their resting place.” Hebrews 4 speaks of the “rest ” of God’s people. It is a functioning position of the trust of a child in his Heavenly Father, and His provision for him.

Verse 37 of the Psalm records, “neither were they steadfast in His covenant.” God is steadfast from His side and He works with me in the “process” that I become steadfast. God deals with my heart whose function is to believe that He is who He says He is, when He brings the great and small challenges of life. I can stand at the crossroads of choice in career, health, relationships, finance etc. – the list is endless. God checks the motives of my heart, in faith or unbelief of the choices I make. “Whatsoever is not of faith is sin.” Romans 14:23

Will I make right choices in faith, AS GOD LEADS, or will I turn back in unbelief and limit God like the children of Israel?


My choice governs!