Proverbs 27:6  “Faithful are the wounds of a friend”.  

A sister shared her testimony this week.  Angela had a very dear friend who confronted her with a truth that did not sit well with her.  When their conversation became heated, the friend pointed out that Angela had a problem with anger which often manifested in varying situations.  The friend found it difficult to be present at such times, even if the anger was not pointed at her.   Angela was not pleased with the ugly truth her friend had pin-pointed.  “Would you rather I pretend all is well and brush it under the carpet?”, the friend asked, “surely it is better to hear the truth from me, who cares about you, to address it and deal with it.  I struggle to be around you when you are angry”.

Angela was considering her friend’s wounding words, feeling, once more, her anger rising and wanting to justify herself.  Suddenly, in the midst of her turmoil, she felt the Holy Spirit say to her, “Take it!”  She knew it was God speaking.  She had that inner witness to truth.    Angela humbled herself and thanked her friend for confronting her.

Arthur had a wise saying: “You cannot drive a ten ton truck of truth over a half inch bridge of love!”   This was not the case in Angela’s situation.  She knew her friend cared deeply for her and had, not only Angela’s best interests at heart, but also to continue their friendship.  The Lord reminded Angela of the scripture quoted earlier: “Faithful are the wounds of a friend”.

The world has a programme called “Anger Management” to deal with anger issues, but in the Kingdom of God there is a principle that operates with Believers.  When the Holy Spirit invades me and shows me where I am wrong, I have responsibility to embrace the truth He is showing me, against myself, (not others).  As I humble myself and embrace the truth, the error of my ways, I put God on the spot!  God is obligated to me to change me!  This may sound irreverent to say God is then obligated to me, but truth is precious to God and is the glory of God.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and will always give me an inner witness to it.   Watch the witness!  When truth is declared the Holy Spirit will witness to my spirit.   Just as the red blood cells in our body have an affinity to oxygen and cannot resist it, so the Holy Spirit has an affinity for truth and cannot resist witnessing to it.  As I embrace the truth God is showing me, He begins to work with me to dissolve the issues that have caused and ensnared me in ungodly ways.  My Father’s desire is to make me whole and free.  John 8:36 declares of Jesus,  “If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.” 

I am not clothed with the righteousness of Jesus Christ for my own ends.  He will not accept my self justification,  standing up for my rights, trying to prove my point.  I am not here to defend how “right” I am to others, I am here to bow before Almighty God and allow Him to lead, and me to follow.  God does not want any wonderful men.  He already has sent One – Jesus!  I need to get out of the way, walk in humility, in order that Jesus, the wonderful One, may be seen in me – all for God’s glory!

Stand fast in the liberty that Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage,” Galatians  5:1.