As we were worshipping the Lord in our Fellowship Gathering this morning, the Lord brought a prophetic word: –

From street to street, from door to door, from family to family…………thus the Lord invades a community and all that seems so dead is alive, awakened, because of the Spirit of God…… the very air! He shall come and we shall breath this air. We shall speak out the word that He gave us.

In every street, every door, every family….like a flood that floods through a community when the river breaks it’s banks and nothing can stop it. The very doors swing open on their hinges, people are touched not because they called out to God, but because HIS TIME COMETH to invade their private places, and their conviction of sin is reawakened in their hearts as they remember what they had heard in childhood of the love of God. Their ways are turned about. Who can resist the ways and might of God?


As we were singing the chorus “Thou mighty Christ, come forth in me,” a sister saw the above vision. She said she saw the Spirit of God sweeping into a community. He came to every door in every street, and came against every door that would keep Him out. The doors swung wide open on their hinges. It was like an invasion of the Spirit of God.

He went to every family, every grouping within each house. All were being affected, stricken in their hearts by the Spirit of God. He was in the very air so people could not help but breath Him in, even if they wanted to resist. As they breathed they were drawn to Him like a magnet.

Consider the record in Daniel 12:9 “And he said “Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.”

Is God preparing us to be ready and expectant for the “time of the end?” It is a time to rejoice, not to be fearful. Are we on the brink of such a time? I believe so. What is your witness within the depths of your being? Is God about to break the afore mentioned seal and open up that which He sealed in the time of Daniel? Is God’s stirring and quickening within us heralding the approach of the new season of Tabernacles…..fullness! There is something coming far more wondrous than we have seen thus far. All creation is groaning in birth pangs!

What is my part? To live each day with a prepared heart, to be ready, to keep short accounts with God in that I forgive those “who trespass against me” and endeavour not to trespass against them, to judge my own judgements and to be a quick repenter, to walk in humility, to relate and stay accountable to the Body of Christ and to obey the promptings of the Spirit that His voice may become clearer and louder……and to stay expectant! We are living in a glorious day! As the children of Israel lived in the Land of Goshen, so we, as the children of the Living God can walk in His glorious light and fullness amongst the darkness of our nations and governments and be the “light and salt” in demonstration and power of the Kingdom of God on this earth. Jesus did it, He was the Pattern Man. Let the sons and daughters of the Living God come forth in demonstration and manifestation of the Living Christ within us! IT’S TIME!