God is shaking everything that can be shaken.  The scientists are attempting to suppress the virus.  The politicians are attempting to suppress the people.  The more they try, the more God shakes.  For the people of God, there is safety in the Shaker, who is over and above ALL things.  Here we are cocooned in His presence, a safe refuge if we will walk with Him in His ways.  This does not release us from responsibility.  No man is an island, thinking he can do as He pleases.

When God frees us up on a lower level to secular society, He ties us up on a higher level of accountability to Him.  This is holy ground to reverence the Lord with a godly fear in all our daily choices.  It is the only fear that is acceptable to the Lord and is a healthy fear.

When Jesus was questioned regarding obeying authorities, he declared, “Render to Caesar, (the ruling government), the things which are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”, Matthew 22:21.  My accountability to the higher authority of God demands utmost transparency with Him.  He scrutinises my every thought, motive and word.  Psalm 51:6 states: “You desire truth in the inward parts”.  Indeed!…We live our lives to the audience of One.  From this position, God will indicate to us where He requires us to submit to the lower levels of secular authority.  Render to Caesar, but never put your trust in him.  Trust in God alone.  Caesar is under God and God can use any person, place or thing for His divine purposes to continue His ultimate goal in us: to conform us into the image of His Son.

There can be no greater joy than the consequence of doing the Father’s will.  It demands I surrender mine.  Our Heavenly Father wants us to be totally dependent on Him.  My only struggle is the struggle not to struggle!    Let go…and let God! 

A bird strike to the engine of a fighter pilot’s plane caused it to stall, and the pilot had to eject himself and came down on the Yorkshire moors.  Strapped to the bottom of the seat which ejected with him, was a survival kit.  Once he had landed, the survival kit was being blown towards a precipice and he was being dragged with it.  He had to make a quick decision.  He had a knife on him which he used to cut his attachment to the survival kit, which prevented him from being dragged over the precipice to certain death.

We can experience certain times in life when we place our trust in a variety of safeguards – our survival kits.   God requires us to stop trusting in these safety devices.  He wants to be our safeguard in life.  If we are trusting in the Living God, we need never fear.  Whatever befalls us, He will carry us through and never desert us.  The trials of life, the trials of our faith, will strengthen and mature us as we submit to His guidance.  They are an important part of our spiritual growth as we learn God’s ways.  He works all things for His glory!

God births desires for Himself in us at salvation.  Do I desire to see more of the Indwelling Christ living in, and through, me?  Consider the wheel.  A wheel does not go round to become a wheel.  It goes round because it is a wheel!  The life of the Indwelling Christ in me produces fruit.  Can I resist it?  Can I limit it?  Absolutely!  Yes!!…….by my choices daily.  This is the only way – “He must increase, I must decrease”, John 3:30.  Jesus must be magnified in my life, I must be less important and get out of the picture.  The more I do this, the more the “Wheel” will run freely and produce more fruit, because of who He is.  Christ in me, the hope of glory!

Father, Son and Holy Ghost are unlimited, but I can limit their work in me by my choices.  Everything has been done from God’s side.  Calvary has made a way for me to experience all the fullness of God.  All over the world the Spirit is moving.  God’s purposes and plans will not be thwarted.  If you and I don’t move with His plan, others will!  We can see the waters of Jordan beginning to part, but we have to go through them to enter into God’s Promised Land of fullness.  The Day of the Lord is getting closer.

….What does the Lord require of you?  To do justly, love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”,  Micah 6:8.