Is anything too hard for the Lord?”,  Genesis 18:14  Abraham was considering, in the natural, the impossibility of his situation.  God is supernatural and operates in that realm, making the impossible possible.  His ways are far, far above all we can ask, think or imagine.  Are you facing an impossible situation at present?  Refrain from considering the greatness of your problem, and adjust your thoughts to consider the greatness of your God!

Only when you meet the impossible will you find the resources of your God…….

When we come to the end of ourselves…..God begins His supernatural work……To God be all the glory!

1 Samuel 17 records the well known account of the young man, David, slaying the giant, Goliath.  David was God’s man for the appointed hour.  He was fearless when he faced the giant because, in his heart, he believed God was far greater than Goliath.  God slew Goliath through David’s slingshot pebble.

Consider the greatness of your God!

We are on the verge of great change.  God is wanting to take us to places where, of ourselves, we would not go.  We may ponder the word God has given us, feeling unwilling for the change.  Take heart!  Consider His plan and allow the Holy Spirit to work with you to make you willing to do His will.  As you surrender your “not that, Lord”, He will work with you until you can sincerely say to Him,  “……neverthe less, not my will but Thine be done”.

When God speaks to us, we may ponder, or take time to consider what He is saying.  Considering what the Lord has said should then lead us into embracing His will, not resisting it.

Philippians 2:13  “For it is God who works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure”.   As I surrender to Him, God brings me to a place of willingness to do His will.  I can offer up to Him a glad “Amen” and in exchange, the Lord implants His joy and peace and I find I can sing like the Psalmist:  “I delight to do your will, O Lord”.  You cannot do the will of God miserably, it does not count.  He is patient with us, working to dissolve all our doubts and fears to bring us to the place of complete trust in Him.

It was said of the children of Israel in their wilderness wanderings, “They limited the Holy One…..”  They limited the Lord through their unbelief and complaining.  Dear Lord, may that not be said of me, please work with me to make me willing to do your will, abandoned to You, (not to a situation….God is far greater than any situation).

Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice”,  John 10:27.  Scripture declares we do hear His voice, the problem arises when we disobey and our hearing becomes impaired through disobedience and unwillingness.  When God speaks, I either react or respond.  If I react, my heart hardens.  If I respond, my heart softens.

If I meet and see God in my circumstances, one word will suffice – Amen.  This is where Jesus lives…”I and my Father are one”.  If I refuse to bow, I break communion with God and He resists me, (1 Peter 5:5) then any of the following can be my experience: frustration, fear, boredom, irritation, depression, gloom, anger, worry, hatred, envy.  All of these are feelings in me expressing my resistance to God, as my heart hardens.  The only way back to a soft heart and peace is to humble myself, where the Holy Spirit shines His light, the place where I first lost my axehead, and my troubles began in my resistance.

An “Amen” to our Father, ( a “so be it”), needs to become a lifestyle, not something just to be added to the end of a prayer.  It is a key, a password, a passport to all the places God would take us in surrender.  Small wonder that the name of Jesus is the AMEN!

THE AMEN HYMN      H. Webster

“What is that which harms thee, if thou sayest “Amen”,

Every grave a cradle of fresh bliss again,

Let not understanding look upon each grave,

Faith has better eyesight than all nature gave.

Amen has within it power as yet unknown,

Unfound faith is hiding long before its grown, 

Amen has such sweetness while things are still sour,

Amen is the father of the gladsome hour.

Who withholds his Amen finds the source of pain,

‘Tis a river flowing, pain and pain again.

Amen once repeated finds itself in glee,

Flowing, flowing, flowing through eternity.

Amen is the finger opening to our sight,

Anthems loud and glorious made for darkest night,

Amen touches heartstrings, long at rest in sleep,

Making chords so wondrous rise from every deep”.      H. Webster