When the Holy Spirit of God moves, our spirits respond. The Holy Spirit responds to humility and quickens our spirits. On the other hand, Satan responds to pride, and gets a foothold I have given him in my life. My pride makes a breach for his entry. God resists pride, the devil loves it because it is his access ground to us.

When I resonate humility, I attract the Holy Spirit. When I resonate pride, I attract the devil.

Jesus said, John 14:30, “the prince of this world comes and finds nothing in Me,” because Jesus was full of the right Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is working in me that when I resonate the right attitude in humility, the devil finds no place to enter through a breach. It is an on-going daily work. Our spirits will witness to truth that is being declared, then my responsibility is to walk in the truth/light He has shown me. If I am not 100% dependent on the Divine Guide, the Holy Spirit, for my daily walk, then I am not devil-proof. Jesus said, John 15:5, “….for without Me, you can do nothing.” As I embrace my nothingness, the mighty Son of God operates through me and empowers me, out of HIS fullness. Colossians 1:27, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” This is the glory of God.

Father knows what truth he has delegated to me to walk in and abide, as I do so He shows me the next step to take.
The birthright of every Believer is divine health. Some say in fear, ” Oooh! I won’t declare it or I might be tested, I don’t want to be tested!” If I am abiding in the Vine in humility I can declare without fear that I am devil-proof. The devil does not operate around humility.

The Divine Gardener comes to inspect the fruit of His vineyard and will ruthlessly deal with every parasite and weed that attempts to destroy the production of perfect fruit for His kingdom and glory. “He ruthlessly perfects those He royally elects.”

This is not the work of a tyrannical God but a divine demonstration of our Heavenly Father’s unfathomable, abundant, indescribable love for us. He made the supreme sacrifice for us by the death and resurrection of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, that we might become sons and daughters of the Living God, conformed to His image. As I yield to the pressure of His loving hand, I abide in Him, and share the intimate joys of a loving relationship with my Heavenly Father.