For the dying don’t seem easy;
Yet it must be daily done,
To live the life that You have given;
In the fullness of the Son

Lord, there’s so much I am missing;
Yet there is so much that I see,
Freedom isn’t really freedom;
That doesn’t bind my heart to Thee.

If it’s not in much or little;
If it’s not in big or small,
Take me beyond the present blindness
To see the fullness of the Call.

For we hear Your voice is calling
Sometimes distant, sometimes near,
And we see the Plan unfolding
Sometimes faintly, sometimes clear.

You would never have brought us so far
To leave us stranded on the beach.
You never would give a target
That the arrow couldn’t reach.

If we then are Your arrows
Do we bow to fit the bow
To take us to the target,
Where alone we could not go.

I’m delighted, yet I’m yearning
For the life You’ve given me,
I know there is something coming
Do the changes, Lord, in me.

Let not our pride, our sin, our failure
Cause us to miss and sink
Such a wondrous gift and blessing
More than we could ever think.

For a heart that’s tuned for worship
Honed with thankfulness and praise,
Tuned by You alone, my Master,
Tuned by You for endless days.

Yes, I know there’s something coming
Far more wondrous than I see.
But You’re my Lord and King, my Saviour,
Please come forth, my God, in me.

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