The devil took a chance

One last despairing dance,

Of death or victory complete.

He’d killed the prophets, stoned their sons,

Dispersed his lies in clever cons.

Sure in sardonic pride he drew

His sword of hate, and Christ he slew.

Swinging the trigger on his thumb,

He felled his victim.  Battle won!

‘Twas victory hurranica

For Lucifer Satanica!

Then whence this stone rolled clean away?

These shining Beings’ bright array?

The cloth from off the Corpse’s face

Cast carefully beside the place

Where He had lain?

Vital!  Alive!  There stands the Man

Whom he had slain,

Christ, risen again!

The hand that held Hell’s gambling tub

Belonged to dark Beelzebub.

God’s, was the hand the dice had tossed,

And Satan lost………

by    Williamina Harwood