We have often shared how vital are the choices we make because all choice has consequence. Choice, however, is an activity I cannot trust in. Human nature is so fickle that I can choose one way today, but tomorrow I may waver and choose differently. I cannot glory in making a right choice because I still need the Lord to fix my choice to establish it firmly. When God fixes my choice, He empowers me with His enabling strength to keep on track, no more wavering between two opinions. He fixes my choice, He is the strength of my heart, to Him belongs all the glory!

Double mindedness produces instability and such a person cannot be relied on. James 1:8 declares “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. My confidence to choose correctly is not in my right choices, but in my bountiful Heavenly Father who fixes that choice. Only then am I firmly established on the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ, of my salvation. My journey continues with His ability in me. He is the strength of my life. My confidence and trust is in Him alone.

The words of the old hymn by Richard Dukes produces a witness to the truths declared:

My heart is fixed, eternal God, fixed on Thee,
And my immortal choice is made: Christ for me,
He is my Prophet, Priest and King who did for me salvation bring,
And while I’ve breath I mean to sing, Christ for me.

In Him I see the Godhead shine, Christ for me,
He is the Majesty Divine, Christ for me,
The Father’s well Beloved Son, Co-partner of His royal throne,
Who did for human guilt atone, Christ for me.

In pining sickness or in health, Christ for me,
In deepest poverty or wealth, Christ for me,
And in that all-important day, when I the summons must obey,
And pass from this dark world away. Christ for me.

Let others boast of heaps of gold, Christ for me,
His riches never can be told, Christ for me,
Your gold will waste and wear away, your honours perish in a day

Genesis 18 records a conversation Abraham had with the Lord. He receives the news that he and Sarah will have a child together in old age. Sarah laughed in unbelief at the human impossibility as she was passed child-bearing age. God supernaturally made the impossible possible, and His word was fulfilled in them. Hebrews 13:8 declares of Jesus Christ, the Son of God: “…the same yesterday, today and forever”. God is still performing His miracles today. Deal ruthlessly with your unbelief and throw yourself with reckless abandon on the providence of God. Hebrews 3:12 warns, “Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.”

My trust and confidence is in His ability…..enabling and strengthening me! Oh happy day that fixed my choice! Praise God! Christ in me, the hope of glory! The Indwelling Christ – still looking in hearts to see if “there is any room in the Inn”, that His kingdom be established there. May this season of Advent herald the choices I need to change, that the Lord Jesus Christ may seal them with His divine fixative.