Bob Dylan wrote & recorded a song in the 60’s ‘The times they are a changing.’  As believers in this present church age we are living in times of tremendous change.  Just as the world around us is in constant change, ie:- ever increasing technology, the systems of this world, the political system, the education system, the education system,the fluctuation of the financial system, the medical system and the religious systems of this world, everything around us is encountering terrific change & challenge.


God is also ushering in change to the Body of Christ, the Eklesia  or called out ones, the true church, not buildings made with hands but people who recognise they are the temple of the Holy Spirit  (Acts 7 : 48 & I Cor 6 : 19 & 48 ) But the Almighty One never changes.  Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever!  Heb 13: 8.  King Solomon in Eccl I:9 declares there is nothing new under the sun.  Everything in the earth today was here in Adam’s day when creation began.  From the beginning  of time man has been on a journey of discovery.  So why is God bringing about change ?


God is not so much bringing something new, but restoring the church, His people to what His original purpose is.  God’s plan for today is restoration.  His purpose will never be thwarted and the original plan to make man in His image, back in the garden of Eden where Adam fell and the whole of mankind followed suit will be restored to His purpose through Jesus Christ the second Adam.  {I Cor 15: 20 & 21 }


So how does God restore & change the Body of Christ to His original purpose ?  Where has the church system gone off track ?  Could it be that man’s traditions have gradually dulled and insensitised us to become the impotent people of God, in the western world we are today.  Inefectiveness has a very loud voice, and the people of  the world cannot hear what we say, for the noise of what we are !

Our lives  must demonstrate the  power of God to be effective in our homes, our work place and our life styles.  ‘By this shall all men know  that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another’  [John 13:35]  The love of God is shed abroad in our heart s by the Holy Spirit.  [Rom 5:5].


God allows and orchestrates events and circumstances in my life to change me into the vessel which will manifest the glory of His presence.  If I react to change I am resisting God !!  If I respond to change I am yielding to the workings of the Holy Spirits workings within me and continue to abide in His presence.  His peace which passes all understanding will keep my heart and mind through Jesus Christ [Philip 4:7]  But this requires choice!  Colossians 3:15 exhorts us to LET the peace of God rule in our hearts, to which we are called in one body and be ye thankful.  Peace has a purpose.  It is not just a nice feeling.  There is peace and joy in believing !  [Rom 15 :13 & Rom 14:17]


In a recent conference a brother shared with us that a friend of his who worked in the oil industry designed what is called a ‘separating chamber’  to separate oil from water and from gas at the head of an oil well.  Before being installed this equipment had to be tested under extreme pressure.  The pressure was cranked up from 50 Ibs per sq inch to 100 Ibs to 500 Ibs to 1000 Ibs and so on until 50,000 Ibs of pressure was attained and then listen!  If a psssssss could be heard signifying  leaking air, the equipment had a flaw in it that had to be repaired before it could be used for the purpose it was designed.  The pressure did not cause the flaw, it revealed the flaw.


God permits circumstances in our lives to change us to be conformed to His original purpose, the image of His Son.  When I see that the process involves my everyday circumstances, my relationship with my spouse or brothers, sisters, neighbours, children my workmates or colleagues etc. etc. and I understand by Gods mercy and grace that I am in the refining fire of His working, the pressure I am encountering is to test the vessel, whether it is abiding in the indwelling presence of Jesus or resisting the work of the Potter.  Finally the Holy Spirit shows me that my heart’s attitude to the situation or circumstances I am experiencing reveals whether I am abiding and comfortable with the ever changing purposes of God and walking in humility, or resisting the changes in an unyielding attitude of pride!

Keep me true Lord Jesus!