A sister, Louise, shared her God ordained experience this week with a powerful testimony.  In retrospect the Spirit quickened the following verse and she knew she had walked in its truth as she claimed the ground it presented.

Jesus declared: “Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I also confess before My Father who is in heaven”,  Matthew 10: 32.

The lady’s granddaughter had been gravely ill for days, hospitalised with rising levels of infection.  Her temperature continued to spike inspite of antibiotics and steroids administered for the raging fevers.  Eventually she was discharged from hospital but the fever continued to manifest.  A troubled night was spent fitfully wrestling with high temperatures and vomiting.  Her family continued to pray for her recovery and committed her to the Lord for His mercy.

The grandmother, Louise, had an appointment with her hairdresser next day in her home.  She had known the hairdresser for many years but although they had exchanged many conversations regarding their lives, Louise recognised that this day was very different.  The conversation evolved into Louise’s recent holiday. She related that she and her husband were celebrating an anniversary meal in a restaurant, when the waitress asked what was the secret of their blessed marriage of forty seven years.  It was a divine opportunity to witness to the waitress that the secret ingredient was not an it, but the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The waitress was deeply touched by their testimony.  As Louise was sharing this with her hairdresser friend, she experienced the prompting of the Holy Spirit encouraging her to carry on the conversation and witnessing about Jesus, how He had been the mainstay of their happy marriage.  He was the source of the divine glue that had carried them through stormy waters and beautiful valleys.  It was a holy moment shared together, followed by hugs and tears.  It was a Bethel moment, as the Spirit of God testified through Louise as she confessed the Lord Jesus.  She had never had opportunity previously to testify to her friend like this day…….this glorious day!

The next day Louise’s granddaughter began to recover.  Her fever had broken and she began to eat a little and drink without vomiting.  The Holy Spirit impressed on Louise the truth of the afore mentioned scripture.  It was a God ordained moment when He required Louise to confess Jesus, share her testimony, with her friend.  As she obeyed, Jesus confessed Louise’s prayer before the Father, and He released something from heaven to begin the recovery process in her granddaughter.  Divine healing!

God’s sovereignty gloves human responsibility!  What is it that God must do sovereignly, because man cannot?  What is it that man must do in responsibility, that God will not do? Choice!

He who learns to sit still, moves quickest WHEN the Spirit prompts…….

Louise and her friend felt the presence of God as her hair was dressed in those holy moments of testimony.  We serve a God who moves spontaneously and He requires us to follow.  In the same chapter, Matthew 10, Jesus reminds and warns us: “But whosoever denies Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father in heaven”, verse 33.

As we lift up the name of Jesus in our daily conversations, the Father is well pleased, and we experience the benefits of an open heaven…..“days of heaven on earth”, Deuteronomy 11:21.

Dear Lord Jesus, please help us to be sensitive to the promptings of your Holy Spirit as we follow on to know You more, for it is only in You,  “that we live, and move, and have our being” ….(Acts 17:28).

Photo by Arto Marttinen on Unsplash