What is God’s purpose for my life? It is to “rest and grow.” Scripture encourages us to enter into the Sabbath Rest and grow in God’s grace. These are tumultuous times and a life lived in God is the only way to experience His peace AMIDST the daily trial.

Matthew 6:28 Jesus said, “……CONSIDER the lilies of the field, how they grow, they do not toil, neither do they spin.” This scripture was the foundation of a song by Michael O’Dwyer. Some of the lyrics are quoted below:-

CONSIDER the lilies of the field,
How they grow, how they grow,
They don’t toil, they don’t spin,
They just grow!

Rest in His love, for He rejoices over you,
Just rest, just grow!”

I lose God’s presence as I resist Him in what He has permitted in the circumstances of my life. When I refuse to see God in His purpose for me then I find a lack in the provision of His grace,(which in purpose is readily available to me.) 1 Peter 5:5 “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

Jesus was the Door through which we entered into salvation. It is now time to move into a deeper relationship with the Father. Jesus our “Pattern Man” walked in utter dependency on His Father. Now we follow in His footsteps, as He is working with us to bring us into that deeper relationship of utter dependency upon Him, responding to Him and taking responsibility for our lives. Every step of independence, seeking my own will, is a step away from my Heavenly Father and His purposes. If we seek after our own agendas and ambitions we destroy the simplicity and leisureliness which should be a characteristic of the “Rest” of a child of God.

An old Chinese pastor was addressed by one of his disciples one day, “Pastor, you are always so busy, you have so much to do!” “Yes, my son,” replied the Pastor, “…but my heart is at leisure.” The wise old man had learnt the secret of “abiding in the Presence” amidst the busyness of his day.

Growth in God comes out of that place of “Rest.” Unchecked stress can produce varied symptoms in the physical body resulting in all manner of illness. Jesus said, “Come unto me all you that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” As I walk in obedience to God growth will follow unconsciously.

The Fruit of the Spirit is described in Galatians 6:22-26. This is a check list for every Believer. If these fruits are not my experience, I need to take stock of my walk with the Lord before the Holy Spirit for His guidance. If there is a lack of joy and peace in my life I need to change my believing, not my circumstances or the people around me. The line of the old song comes to mind:

“It’s me, it’s me, it’s me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer,
Not my brother, not my sister, but me O Lord, standing in the need of prayer….”


You cannot steal the presence of God. God gives it on a righteous basis as I yield to Him. Joy and peace are two God-given emotions that prove the infallible presence of God, they cannot be stolen or imitated. Romans 14:13, “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing….”

Rest and grow!