This morning began by teaching the children about the Order of God and the Holy Spirit expounded this theme to speak to all at the Gathering.

The children were asked to consider what we do when things do not work, or break down. The priority is to get them repaired to working order again. A plumber is needed for a problem tap/faucet, a mechanic for a broken-down car and an able person to mend a broken toy.

As we grow older we begin to recognise when things do not work in our lives. A healthy, normal child should have joy, happiness and contentment in their life, but when things go wrong and these are absent, we need to see why.

A reprimand from a parent or teacher can produce a loss of peace and happiness in a child, bad words from others can produce hurt feelings.

In the Godhead there is an order:-

Number 1————is God. The Father is the divine source of all creation.

Number 2————is Jesus, the Son of God. He is the divine agent who said,”All power is given unto Me. No man
comes to the Father but by Me.”

Number 3————is the Holy Spirit. He is the divine executor of God’s will on earth.

All three work in order and unity to glorify God and to make life on this planet enjoyable for us, if we heed Them.

Children have to learn to recognise order and see the benefits from it. Fights are produced from a lack of order. The order in the home is the Father and Mother. The order in the classroom is the teacher. When children obey the parent or teacher happily, they are contented and good feelings are produced inside them. If they disobey they are miserable. Childhood should be a time of learning to live life by the order and submitting to it, preparing for adulthood.

Throughout life there is an order of God for us to live by, joyfully and successfully. If these hallmarks are absent, we need to take stock of our lack of peace. The peace of God in my being is the order of God for me. It is a divine thermostat. If I am sensitive to a ripple when my peace is disturbed and take stock and seek God, the ripple does not have to manifest in to a storm, and my peace is restored as I respond to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in my life.

Jesus Christ paid a huge price at Calvary to give His peace to me. Indeed, He is my peace! I need to value it, it is the Presence of God in my being.

There is only one door to salvation. It is through Jesus Christ. If you recognise this order and ask Him in to your life, He sends His Holy Spirit to guide and teach us how to live an orderly, functional and peaceable life in God’s purpose.

Governments should rule with righteous authority which citizens should submit to, producing law and order and peaceable lives. (1 Tim. 2:2) Our governments leave a lot to be desired by Godly standards, but nevertheless, we need order or lawlessness and anarchy would reign.

The first person needing to recognise order is me. It is not my place to put others right but to get right before God. When I submit to the plan of God, the order for my life – it works! He has called us to destiny and purpose for His divine fulfilment.

There are certain times in our lives which we may judge to be chaos yet sometimes, the Holy Spirit is busy amongst the apparent turmoil, and the end result can be something of truth and beauty. Peace is not always the absence of chaos, but a position of rest amidst it. Jesus demonstrated this in the account of Him sleeping peacefully in a boat on a storm-tossed sea, whilst His disciples were terrified of the dangers of the storm. He arose at their beckoning and commanded the
storm to cease.

Order is the design of God. It is not rank and position. Many have thought that order is authority as the world understands authority. However, Jesus told us to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is exercising authority as being lords over God’s heritage and not as being examples. 1 Peter 5:2-3, “Feed the flock of God…….taking the oversight thereof not by constraint, but willingly,…….of a ready mind. Neither being lords over God’s heritage, but being examples to the flock.”

Godly authority is FUNCTION not STATUS! Jesus taught as one having authority, Matthew 7:29.

Order and authority is the DEMONSTRATION of Christ living His life in me!

The well known hymn by J.G.Whittier, “Dear Lord and Father of mankind, forgive our foolish ways,” carries the following line:-
“Let our ordered lives confess the beauty of Thy peace.” I ask myself this question, does my life measure up to this?