Let us consider the analogy of a football team and the Body of Christ:  In a football team each player has a different function, but they work together as a team with one vision – to score goals and win.  Each player knows his particular function, working together to defend, attack, passing the ball through the field to score and win.  Any glory a successful team receives is a reflection on the Manager and how well his abilities of training and instruction have encouraged each member to perform and work together, to be their very best corporately.  The Manager is an important member of the team, even though he does not touch the ball on the field.

In the Body of Christ, the members are like a team.  Each team member has a particular function, we are not cloned.  There is such diversity in the giftings, functions and callings.  Last week we wrote that authority in the kingdom of God differs from that in the world.  It is not the worldly view of rank and position, but function.  As each member functions in his/her calling, together we make the whole.  The analogy Paul uses is the human body, with Christ as our head: Ephesians 4: 15-16  “But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, who is the head, even Christ.  From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of EVERY  part, making increase of the body to the edifying of itself in love”.

Returning to our analogy of the football team:  The owner purchases the team with his millions of currency, but he does not pick the team, he delegates that to the Manager.  In this analogy, God is like the owner, but His currency is priceless – the shed blood of His beloved Son at Calvary.  God has delegated  ALL POWER  to His Son.  Jesus declared to His disciples before His ascension “…all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”.  Matthew 28:18  Jesus, in this analogy, is like the Manager of the team.  He picks His team, but the players still have to choose to be chosen.  They have a free will, and is they choose not to become a team member, that is their prerogative.  Sadly, many a person has refused Jesus’ invitation to receive His salvation and join “His team”.  

On the football field the Manager delegates a Captain.  He is a representation of the Manager on the field of play.  In our analogy, the Holy Spirit is like the Captain organising, directing and guiding the team.  The Holy Spirit has the mind of God.

Just as the Owner, Manager and Captain of a football team are one in purpose and vision, so it is in the Godhead.

God the Father is number 1.  He is the Source of all creation.  Jesus declared,  “……my Father is greater than I”, John 14:28

Jesus, the Son of God, is number 2.  God delegated all power to Jesus who could safely be trusted with it.  He declared that of Himself, He could do nothing, the power at work through Him was His Father’s.  He always gave the glory/credit to His Father for the mighty works and miracles performed through Him.  He never took the Father’s glory to Himself.  It was safe in His hands.

The Holy Spirit is number 3.  He is God’s agent on earth to convict man to repentance, draw us to the Father, comfort, guide, direct, exhort, teach, help, witness to truth, encourage and keep us on a straight path as we journey through life with Him.  He will always lift up Jesus and direct us to Him as His ambassador and representative.

All three in the Godhead are one in purpose.  When I understand the order of the Godhead, I begin to see the purpose of God in my life.  A life ordered of God is a demonstration of His peace and beauty to behold, a signpost to the Cross to lift up Jesus, not ourselves.

We are Christ’s purchased possession.  He takes a nobody, redeems him and then declares he is a chosen vessel and brings him into the royal priesthood, for His purposes and glory, (1 Peter 2:9-10).  Redeemed – by the blood of the Lamb!  Let us walk humbly and take our place in the Body of Christ to function for His glory, every member fitly framed TOGETHER to make that perfect whole.  We live to lift up the King!  If you want to please the Father – make much of His Son!