I entered into my salvation through Jesus Christ, the Door. He is the only begotten Son of God, the divine Agent of Heaven – but the Holy Spirit is the divine Executor of God’s will on earth. We need to “make more” of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is not an “it” but a person.

Many have been led to believe the Holy Spirit is only needed for ministry, or to be called upon and taken down from the shelf in a crisis. The truth is that we need Him for every moment of our day. He is teaching us to recognise our need of TOTAL DEPENDENCY upon the Spirit of God for every day life – for “..in Him we live and move and have our being.”

As we progress along our spiritual journey we find there are some things we have to “unlearn” and discard, not “sound doctrine” but the traditions and doctrines of men we have taken on board in our innocence or ignorance. Only when the Holy Spirit begins to bring us into a dependency on Himself do we find that He becomes an instructor of truth and direction in our lives.

It is God who calls, chooses and ordains….not men.

The moment we accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour, we gained access to His enabling power to become sons of God. He equips us for EVERY MOMENT OF LIFE.

The Holy Spirit will only ever witness to truth. When I am presented with any teaching, new revelation or everyday situations and conversations – WATCH THE WITNESS! The Holy Spirit will witness to my spirit when truth is declared, and I will register that witness in my being.

The Holy Spirit is transparent, He has no private agenda of His own. He only operates in divine purpose according to the Father’s will, seeking to bring us dependency on Him. As we yield to Him in situations, not only do we find He gives us direction, but also divine utterance and creation comes forth. My mouth can become an oracle of God.

The words that Jesus spoke were “Spirit and life.” We are being taught and discipled by the Holy Spirit to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, our Pattern Man.

Inside every Born-again Believer is the full potential of the throbbing power and heart-beat of God, waiting to be released from the Indwelling Christ within us for the extension of the Kingdom and His divine purpose on earth, for His glory. Only humility will release His glory, His manifest Presence.

In the Lord’s prayer, Matthew 6:13, Jesus declared, “Thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the glory…” Many have attempted to wrestle the power from His hand and use it for their own glory, producing their own downfall. God’s power cannot be wrestled from His hand. It is safely anchored there to be used for His glory alone.

His life-source within us equips and enables us to operate in His divine purpose in every facet of our ordinary life. God is ALL in ALL. He wants us to give Him pre-eminence in everything.

Watch the witness! The Holy Spirit never lies. If we are full of Him we will not want to tell a lie. He is the true witness and never bears false witness. When I encounter another who is walking transparently with the Lord, my spirit registers and His indwelling life leaps in recognition and delight. The Spirit of God in me also recognises a false witness, but no life is produced in this instance, only death.

As we journey along with the Lord, incrementally we embrace more truth until it becomes an acquired taste. We may have a desire for many things, but God will only give us what we can handle to His glory. A loving parent does not listen to the demands of his child to be allowed to drive the car. The child is loved but cannot be trusted…yet! The situation will change in years to come as the child matures.

Ours is a progressive journey. In the school of the Spirit we can learn total dependency on Him. As I listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit I learn to bear and handle the issues of life to the glory of God, and His manifest presence can become my daily portion.