I can make choices in my life that can grieve the Holy Spirit of God. Paul, in Ephesians 5:15, encourages us to “walk circumspectly”. Jesus, as the Son of Man on earth, continually lived in the Father’s Presence without grieving Him. He was the Pattern Man, demonstrating to mankind the steps to follow in as His disciples. Our Heavenly Father has promised never to leave us or forsake us. He doesn’t….but there is a place where I can lose the awareness of His Presence because of my choices.

In the account of Sampson and Delilah, Sampson’s insensitivity was displayed, Judges 16:20, “He wist not that the Lord was departed from him”. He did not know. His choices had rendered him insensitve to the fact that the Holy Spirit had left him, and he acted in presumption instead of on a proceeding word. Called of God for an appointed time in history, he had lost the Presence for his destiny.

1 Samuel 16:14 records of King Saul, “The Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him”. When I make wrong choices in my life I leave God’s divine purpose and enter into permission. A man cannot be a vacuum. Light and darkness cannot dwell together peacefully. When I operate in fear, deceit, pride etc. I open myself up to the wiles of the devil, and give him back a permit , the power to operate in my life that Jesus took from him at Calvary. James 4:7 “Submit yourselves therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you”. When I humble myself and submit to God, I automatically resist the devil. I develop sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. The devil is frightened of truth, he flees from it because he is afraid of it! The devil has weapons in his armoury that will affect me if I am operating in fear because fear is the devil’s ground, not God’s. Only the devil is in the business of fear. “God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love and a sound mind”. 2 Timothy 1:7 Jesus said, “All they that take the sword will perish with the sword”, Matthew 26:52. The weapon the devil attempts to use on the Believer, i.e. fear, is the very thing that causes him to flee, as when he sees a Believer standing in truth he is afraid of the light accompanying it and he flees. Truth makes the devil afraid!

When I walk in the light, operate in truth, I am devil proof, hallelujah! That is the finished work that Jesus procured for me at Calvary.

When we compare David’s life to Saul’s we see a different spirit. Saul never repented, but David, even in all his failures, begged of the Lord, “Take not Your Holy Spirit from me”, Psalm 51:11. He was sensitive to the Holy Spirit when he had grieved Him. God was always for David because he had an attitude of heart to repent of his grieving the Holy Spirit. David valued the Presence, he was “a man after God’s own heart”.


Although our hands are busy with everyday things we have an EXPECTATION of God, so that when He speaks, we will hear. When He comes we won’t be able to say, “I did it”. So, EXPECT!…..and when He comes we will be overwhelmed because the choosing and the doing will be all His. At the pouring out of God, grace, mercy and power will overwhelm me. “Christ in me the hope of glory”….HIS GLORY!

God is the Finisher and the Completer. He finishes everything He began for “…of Him, through Him and to Him are all things”. He is ahead and not behind.