A TRUE STORY……..In 1965 Tom was a young boy of 15 years when he joined the Royal Navy as a seaman.  After a few months his ships company went on sea trials as part of their training.  They went to sea in a multi million pound frigate.  The high seas are dangerous waters.  A man can suffer shipwreck and lose his life there.

During that exercise Tom was instructed, (under supervision), to take the wheel of the frigate.  He was down in the  wheelhouse situated under the bridge in an enclosed room,  and could not see a thing out at sea.  However, his job was to pay attention to the Captain’s directions from up on the bridge.  His instructions came down a pipe, into which the Captain spoke to the man at the wheel, giving  direction.   Maybe the Captain would say, “Starboard 15”,  and Tom, once the instruction was carried out would reply to the captain that he had reached that position.  The Captain could see everything from his position up on the bridge and gave sound instruction to the men below.   They could see nothing from the bowels of the ship.  Their job was to trust and obey the Captain, who knew what he was doing and would eventually steer them  a safe course to their destination.  The Captain had something that Tom lacked – many years of experience and knowledge of the sea and the vessel.

A simple analogy with a profound truth.  We can make the Lord Jesus Christ the Captain of our ship,  as we sail the dangers of the high seas and pleasant harbours of our journey through life.  We may not always see the way ahead clearly, but we can trust our divine Captain to guide us and instruct us on a daily basis for a safe passage.  As long as Jesus is in our boat, to trust and obey is our portion.  We may not understand the journey, we may not see the way ahead clearly at times, but one thing we know for sure,  the Captain knows and we can trust and have full confidence in Him.  In the fullness of time, all will be revealed.  Let go…….and let God…….be who He says He is.   The great I AM……all for His glory!

Trust and fear are not compatible.  Trusting God is a choice.  It is the pebble to slay the giant of fear.  Trust in God is the giant slayer.  It will drive the fear out.  God will always uphold His word.  Proverbs 3:5 instructs:  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”……