John 5:31 Jesus said, “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true,” therefore an independent witness outside of myself is needed, I cannot bear testimony of myself. Words spoken by folks that glorify themselves, “blow their own trumpet”, or declare that what they are saying is truth and cannot be challenged should make us wary of them. Jesus’ words warn us that he who bears testimony of himself is not true.

It is far better that a man declares what he believes to be true, and then invites you to test it, witness to it by the Holy Spirit in you. The Holy Spirit will only witness to truth because He is ALL TRUTH. We are on a journey to ALL TRUTH but have not arrived there yet. During the journey, as the years go by, we have to change some of what we have previously believed to be true as it has not worked. What we believe has to work! We prove what we believe.

Scripture is often used “out of order” to confirm the truth of what people believe, but what I am in demonstration testifies far louder than what I say. Jesus demonstrated His believing in performing miracles. In John 1:6 – 8 Jesus had the earthly witness of John the Baptist and an independent witness from Heaven, outside of Himself. He declared, “I can of mine own self do nothing,” John 5:30, yet the Father’s power and will was manifest through Him in miracles, bearing testimony to all in a demonstration of God’s power and witness.

Jesus did not seek the honour that came from man. In John 5:44 He declared, ” How can you believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour which comes from God only?”

If what I am declaring is truth, I don’t have to prop it up or refuse to have it challenged. It stands by itself and has an independent witness outside of myself – the Holy Ghost, Who only witnesses to truth. I can invite people to test what I am declaring.

Jude verse 3 speaks of “contending for the faith”. Problems arise, however, when men contend for their personal expression of the faith causing contention. What a man does of faith, he does to the Lord so in God’s eyes I am “inexcusable” when I judge him for it, Romans 2. I need to stop judging others for what they do and discern that their expression of faith is different according to their believing, as what a man believes rules him.

Romans 14 talks about men’s different expressions of the faith, doctrines etc. which are an outward manifestation of an inner motive of faith known only to God. At the end of Romans 14 we are asked the question in verse 22, “Hast thou faith? Have it to thyself before God.”

Part of the “Bride making herself ready” is to stop judging. When I judge I am in unforgiveness and God does not forgive unforgiveness, – so I need to repent before Him of it.



In the parable of the 10 virgins, all 10 were asleep when the Bridegroom came. When they were awoken it was dark and they needed the oil for their lamps in order to see. God has given me His oil to apply in the “dark” to see the way I should go in God’s light. My responsibility before God is to walk in the light He has given me, otherwise the light becomes darkness, John 12:35. God gives me light to walk in, not bask in!

The Bridegroom returns at midnight but He does not want to come for a sleeping Church………..get ready!