Revelation 19 prophesies the forthcoming marriage supper of the Lamb of God, when He, the Lord Jesus Christ, claims His Bride, the Church.

Revelation 19:7 declares “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife has made herself ready.”

I need to know where my responsibility lies in “making myself ready.” Whilst believing all that is contained in scripture because it is “in the Book,” there is still a diverse range in believing causing much division regarding “end times” – eschatology. I can get “hung up” or confused trying to understand all the different doctrines along this line, but, confusion is not of God! The books of Timothy and Titus have much to say regarding sound doctrine, which produces godly edifying, not confusion. However, the doctrines of man are a mixture with a measure of truth that produces confusion. The simplicity of Christ is lost in the mixture of trying to understand it all.

My part in “making myself ready” is to walk humbly with my God. Micah 6:8 answers the question to what God requires of me, “….to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with my God.”

I need to prioritise hearing God’s voice and walking in the truth that He reveals to me. If I humble and empty, He will guide.

God has a TREMENDOUS day ahead for His people. We know in our spirit that there is something coming far more wondrous than we see. God’s Spirit witnesses to our spirit that we are on the brink.

The Gospel is a “whosoever” Gospel for all mankind, but each one of us has to choose to receive God’s gift of salvation – then man’s responsibility is to respond to God’s Holy Spirit leadings in each of our lives – “to make ourselves ready.” Remember, God often comes “in disguise,” in the form of another member of the Body, and we can refuse Him, set ourselves up and miss “making ourselves ready.”

Paul, the Apostle, prayed that we would receive spiritual understanding which is necessary to understand the things of God. Our natural mind is soulish and we often wrongly apply it. Fear cannot function in the Spirit. It has no rights or place in the Kingdom of God.

James 3:17 declares “The wisdom of God is first pure and then peaceable…..” We often receive a mixture and then have to sort it out. When I partake of the Tree of Life it is pure – there is no mixture, but, there is much taught that brings division because it is a mixture based on truth, but including a lie.

Church history records much division and controversy because of the mixture of truth and lies. There is no lie in the truth, but there can be a measure of truth in a lie. If I do not open myself up to Christ, this mixture will be produced in me. My readiness, (making myself ready), is to disappear into Christ, lose my identity. It does not matter what Jesus does because He ALWAYS does the Father’s will, – so if I disappear into Him He will live His life in and through me. I will be unaware of it, – so all the glory goes to God, and my Heavenly Father will be well pleased.

My unity is not in “what” I believe, but “Who” I believe in, as what I believe is always changing. The abiding presence of Christ in me can overcome differences in other people, thus I am travelling light, nothing to uphold, nothing to prove, nothing to cling to except the Cross, the Blood and the Word – because in these there is no division.

God made me who I am, man tries to make me something else and conform……………. My prayer is, “Dear Lord, please help me to be what You made me to be, and to live my life as a gift back to You. Amen.”