Birth settles destiny!

That which is birthed of God cannot die.  Abraham and Sarah were well past child bearing years when Sarah gave birth to Isaac.  Isaac was the “proper child” birthed OF God, the product of God.  Something was birthed in Abraham – faith.  He became known as the father of faith and the friend of God.

Stirring in our being is a Holy Ghost quickening – the Isaac revelation – birthed of God.  The proper child has been birthed in me.  It’s not OF me, but it’s IN me, it’s the life of Jesus Christ!  I cannot kill it or enhance it because it is not of me, but OF God!  It is not what I do anymore, but WHY I do it.  God looks at the inner man of the heart, motive, and not the outward appearance which man so easily misjudges.

If we allow the Holy Spirit to delve into the depths of our heart, He shows us that we were never willing to walk the pathway of the surrendered life, but God has worked in us “ will and to do of his good pleasure”,  (Philippians 2:13).  Something is stirring within us, the Isaac child and we cannot kill it.  God does the work, His alone is the glory.

Abraham was not a wonderful man, nor are we.  He lied to Abimelech, as did Isaac regarding Rebecca, (Genesis 26:7-11), but there was something stirring in Isaac.  The calling and commission of God takes you beyond yourself.

In the days of Abraham, the Philistines had blocked the wells.  Genesis 26: 12-32 records Isaac digging again the wells of his father, Abraham, the father of faith and friend of God.  Isaac’s servants faced opposition from the local herdsman, as they re-dug the wells, but finally, God gave them another well with no opposition.  They called it Rehoboth, Genesis 26: 22 “….For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land”.  

The calling and commission of God takes you beyond yourself by the power God has birthed in us – the life of Christ.  The commission is to release the proper child .  When we see Him come forth in us, we know it is the life of Christ, and not we ourselves.   Christ in you, the hope of glory!  This was not something birthed of ourselves, we love our selfish comfort zones, we did not want it….BUT GOD!  God birthed it and began this in the depths of our being.  He placed the desire there.  As we yield to His promptings, we too, shall discover the well of Rehoboth, …..the Lord has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land, for God’s purposes and glory.

The proper child is the only begotten Son of the Father, Jesus Christ.  Jesus said He could do nothing of Himself, but it was the Father working through Him, who did the mighty works.  1 John 4:17 declares of Jesus, “….as he is, so are we in this world”.  All things are possible with Jesus.

This is the glory of God: He makes a rebel a priest and a king!  He takes the unwilling and works with them, bringing them to surrender, gladly yielding, destroying the impetus of compulsion and transforming them to a vessel fit for purpose for the glory of God……a divine calling, a divine transformation…..indwelt by deity!   The final purpose – a yielded vessel in the Potter’s trusted hands.

Surrender to God, (not to a situation), is always in “the now”, a daily requirement to keep us abiding in Christ, the Vine.