Throughout the Old Testament as we read the records of the old patriarchs and others who have lived in those times, we can feel the heart beat of God. There is a continuing pulse that can be felt in many of the testimonies of people’s lives, an expectation of something to come – a Someone to come who would bruise Satan’s head, crush his heel and bring victory. The promise of the Living Christ to come is prefigured in many of their lives.

The record of Mephibosheth, King Saul’s grandson, Jonathan’s son, can be read in 2 Samuel 9. King David was enquiring if anyone was left of Saul’s line, that he might show him favour for the sake of his beloved friend, Jonathan, (deceased.) David was informed that Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth, was alive although he was lame in his feet after a fall, at the age of 5, whilst fleeing to safety with his nurse, (2 Samuel 4:4.)

David summoned poor, lame Mephibosheth to come into his court. He came trembling, dragging his lame feet into the King’s presence, no doubt expecting the worst, considering his grand-father’s campaigns against David. Mephibosheth could never have imagined the blessings that David bestowed upon him. Not only was he brought into the King’s home, but he was granted lifetime provision to eat at the king’s table as one of the king’s sons. Land was restored to him and servants to farm it and serve Mephibosheth. It is a beautiful story of the grace and mercy of God. We can identify with Mephibosheth, poor and lame in sin, we heard the call of our King Jesus when we first responded to His voice, inviting us into His courts and His banqueting table. We drank from the cup of salvation and were redeemed and restored, seated with Christ in heavenly places eternally, eating the provision of the King’s table.

Like Mephibosheth, we were not invited to the King’s table for a few scraps of leftovers, but for an eternal banquet of provision. Mephibosheth’s story was a foreshadowing again of the One to come, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to whom we are eternally grateful that He bid us to, “Come, and eat at My table for the rest of your life, and eternity.”

Thank you, Lord, that You first loved us. You set Your love upon us and enabled us to respond to You, as we are learning to love You more each day and grow in the security and safety of the purity of Your never-failing love.

Luke 15:7 “…joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repents.” There was joy in heaven when I repented of my sin after hearing the call of my Saviour. I ask myself now, “How may I continue to bring joy to my lovely King and Saviour, Jesus Christ?” I believe the answer is to live in humility amongst the daily circumstances of my life – a daily dying to self, preferring others before myself until more and more, His will becomes my will, my choice to let Him reign upon the throne of my heart, extend His kingdom there to others, that my ordinary life will bring glory to His great name, and my life will feel the warmth of His smile.