When God touches a life, His creation and transformation is evidenced by His hallmark – the image of Christ! He is engraved on that life for eternity and the earthly pilgrimage here below.

The Holy Spirit opens our spiritual eyes and gives us divine understanding that we so lack in the natural. We raise our voices with the ransomed throng down the ages and sing in praise to our God, “Once I was blind, but now I see!”

Calvary is a finished work, but the progressive work of the Holy Spirit “bringing many sons to glory” continues throughout our lifetime. As we yield to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, we begin to see through God’s eyes. Scripture declares,”My thoughts are not your thoughts, My ways are not your ways.” We do well to remember this and seek God’s direction on our decision making. God does not need our “good” ideas! He is seeking a people who will be dependent on His direction through the promptings of His Spirit. As we do His bidding we begin to view life from His perspective as He opens the eyes of our spirit.

Exodus 3 records the account of Moses carrying out his shepherding duties when God arrested him through the sight of a burning bush. He had no natural understanding of why a burning bush should not be consumed by the flames, so he “turned aside” to examine the phenomenon. The Lord spoke to him from the bush, requiring him to remove his shoes of “under-standing,” as this was holy ground. Do we recognize our lack of understanding in a situation is fertile ground for the Lord? It is a holy place where in humility, not frustration, we can embrace our lack and bow. He can remove the scales from our eyes and give us direction and vision.

Vision is revelation. Moses was indifferent to his fellow men in bondage in Egypt because of his past failure, but God called a failure from the backside of the desert to become a mighty leader and deliverer. As Moses learnt to walk in obedience before God he grew in godly strength and stature. He was transformed in divine purpose and destiny.

God is ALWAYS seeking to get my attention. He places His “burning bushes” in my daily life to draw me to Himself, but if I am indifferent to His call, I will miss the God opportunities He has ordained for my life. However, if I am open to the Lord and the promptings of His Holy Spirit I will “turn aside” to see and hear. God always has an agenda for me to “turn aside” and see. When I take off the “shoes of my understanding” the flesh of my feet can touch the holiness of God’s ground when I become transparent and vulnerable to Him.

GOD IS A SAFE PLACE…..and in that place He creates as I yield to Him and something happens as eternal destiny is birthed. We echo the words of our Lord Jesus, “My kingdom is not of this world.” As I embrace the “mind of Christ” I partake of the “Tree of Life” and I find myself liberated from myself and all wrong agendas and indifference. The scales fall from my eyes as the Lord touches them with the light of Heaven.

When a child of God walks in sweet fellowship with Him, the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, is engraved on that life – he bears the mark: Made In Heaven!