Do the words I speak carry the authority of God?

Jesus was the pattern man, He was united with His Father. The words He spoke were spirit and life. He only spoke the words His Father gave Him. His words carried the authority of God and did not return to Him void. As He spoke, creation was birthed from a word! The word of God fulfills itself, it needs no assistance, it has only to be delivered, it is creative, living and active.

The root of the problem lies in that we are not demonstrating what we say we are. God will demonstrate purpose and power through His words given to me when my heart is united with His, for His purposes, not mine! If my life is not gloryfying to God He withholds the authority I need.


In the construction of a building it is fitly framed together on a sure foundation, in order that the frame can bear the whole weight of the roof and walls. The weight of the building is spread across, shared and supported by the whole frame – just as in the Body of Christ. But if someone does not want to be joined to me in the Body, I can only be a conduit of God’s love to that person, until eventually God knits us together. When God knits us together it is a clean fit, the parts are married. He is building a united church without blemish to fulfill the prayer of Jesus, (John 17:11) “….that they may be one, as We are one”. UNITY.

I am complete in Jesus but I am only completed in God’s purposes in the Body – “fitly framed together”. God’s glory is linked and located in unity.

In Ephesians 2 the word “together” is mentioned in verses 5,6,21 & 22. Ephesians 4:15-16 “Christ…..from Whom the whole body fitly framed “together”…….” In Acts the disciples were “together” when the Holy Spirit fell.

If there is no evidence of unity there will be no demonstration of power. The challenge comes back to me – am I in the place spiritually where God wants me to be?

We can proclaim so much but demonstrate so little.

Jesus Christ is building His temple, “fitly framed together”, a habitation for God, that no single man may be seen, only Jesus, the Head. The completion and fullness of the Body is all in the Head. “God will not give His glory to another”, (an other), to no individual, the day of “the one man show” is over, but to the whole Body functioning in His purpose, fitly framed together that will bear it to His glory, not claim it for themselves, and return it to Him to Whom alone it belongs. “Thine is the glory”!