The Lord encourages us to come to His altar to surrender unconditionally, without “terms”.

You shall not fear the altar. As you kneel you will be released into a new way of living. You will see with new eyes and ears. A new world will open before you.

Do not be dismayed because of a call to the altar, this is the way you must come. As you kneel at the altar, it will be the key that will unlock the way you have been seeking – but you must come to the altar.

Only then, as you bow down and humble before the Lord will you go on to the next step that the Lord has sought to take you into. God has made you for higher things than you have known, a path you have not yet trodden. He has made you for a better dimension. You have walked on earth, when He would have you use your wings, above the earth. As you rise above the mountains, the things that had concerned you will become puny – but you must come the way of the altar!

Never take counsel of your fears!

The fire of God never falls on an empty altar. Once you have committed to the fire, you cannot negotiate with the flames!

Unconditional surrender is not something to fear, it is the way of the Cross, but the end result of it is unspeakable joy and peace in relationship with Jesus. It is the “higher ground” I seek and long for.