Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,” Matthew 5:8. Heart purity is seeing God in all things.

Two sisters were exchanging conversation on their desire to walk more intimately with the Lord. One confessed her need to hear the Lord more clearly, her desire for more discernment and to experience the fulfillment of the “Tabernacle Rest” of our Heavenly Father’s Presence more.

The other sister shared how she had asked of the Lord, “When am I going to experience your fullness, Lord?” The Lord replied to her quite clearly, “When your heart is pure. When you see Me in all things, in all your circumstances and in all your relationships. Pray for heart purity.”

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,”….Do I see God in my circumstances?…or do I blame the devil? Do I see God in my relationships with others, or do I blame, judge or feel an unholy indifference to them? Heart purity is seeing God in all things.

We have all experienced times when we have questioned God’s word to us and applied our reason to it. Mark 2 records the account of Jesus healing the man sick of the palsy, who was lowered down through the roof in order to gain access through the thronging crowd. Some of the scribes present, reasoned among themselves and judged Jesus’ words as blasphemous. Jesus immediately had discernment of them, we can read in verse 8, “And immediately when Jesus perceived in His spirit that they so reasoned within themselves, He said to them, Why reason these things in your hearts?”

When God speaks to me, His word is creative if I receive it into the fertile ground of my heart, but if I reject it, applying my reasoning to it then I begin to “eat” from the wrong source – the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, (Genesis 3) and my reasoning heart becomes an environment for pride to flourish as I have the last word. The function of my heart is to bow to what God says and say “Amen.”


Treason is betrayal of the ruling authority. When I apply my questioning reason to God’s word, then I demonstrate a lack of acceptance that He is the ruling authority in my life, but heart purity rules out reasoning and questioning.

If I am reacting against my circumstances it amounts to reasoning and judgement and I am not “seeing God” in them.

God permits in his wisdom, what He could prevent in His power in my life for His divine purpose. The Lord “tries the reins” of my heart. The reins are the deeper, hidden part of the heart where the motives lie. Pride is a deep root resident within the reins, and is the father of sin. Jesus dealt with the sin issue at Calvary, once and for all, (Hebrews 10:10 and 14), God requires me to humble to deal with my pride. When pride surfaces, God requires me to bow and walk in humility. He will resist me in pride (1 Peter 5:5), but rejoices over me and embraces me in humility, for it is the character of His Son, the Indwelling Christ, and He cannot deny Himself.

When the Holy Spirit convicts me, it is the seat of responsibility in my life to humble before God and man. Divine impartation takes place in my life when I purchase truth with humility, which is the currency of heaven. What is imputed to me through the righteousness of Christ is only imparted to me as I humble and co-operate with the workings of God in my life, as He purifies my heart.

I may witness to the truths of God by the anointed words of a man, but until that word is tried and tested in my life by the Spirit of God, they are not imparted to me and working for the extension of God’s kingdom within me. We have to test the words we receive and try them. Jesus said, “Learn of Me,”….I must get past the “by”, the man, to get to the Source, the Living Christ.

We are journeying along together, our only safety is in the Body. As someone once put it, “We may not have it all together, but together, we shall have it all – in unity, every man living an orderly life under the Head, Jesus Christ.

A hardened heart does not see God in situations, a purified heart sees God in all.

DEAR LORD, please purify my heart…….